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Luna is the first ever fashion and lifestyle magazine for families. Life with children can be so many things: funny, exciting, joyful, comical, poignant, demanding, challenging… Luna shows the colorful side of everyday family life and covers all the topics of interest to parents with children between the ages of one and 12.

Luna shows family life in all its many facets and also includes stimulating reports on topics such as training, work-life-balance, generation 2.0, childrearing trends, childcare models and family policy.

90 percent of all Luna readers are female and
29-49 years old. They have a family with one or more children or live in a patchwork family.
The Luna reader is brand, quality and trend aware and decides for herself what suits her family’s chosen life plan.

She enjoys travelling with her family, has a high available income, is educated, often works and is interested in culture.