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L’Express Styles

Style in its DNA.

Sold every week together with L’Express, L’Express Styles acts as a trend-setter and provides a contemporary look on fashion, home interiors, travel, technology etc…. Since April 2006, L’Express Styles offers a new formula even trendier, more glamorous and feminine with 20 pages entirely dedicated to fashion, accessories and beauty.

L’Express Styles has 4 special editions, 2 for women and 2 for men fashion in spring and fall.

L’Express Styles reader are mainly very active women who follow the latest trends, who are able to balance work and personal life. This magazine decode trends, tackle fashion under a cultural dimension and highlights the products, the brands and the designers that influence the contemporary fashion scene.
754.000 readers
Women: 64%
25-49 years: 53%
AB+: 52%
Paris area: 20%