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A large audience who is highly engaged online.

Global Online Reach of the Most Affluent Regions

A Large Player Worldwide – Unique Visitors

A Large Player Worldwide – Page Views

61.9 million – worldwide audience

U.S. : 36.8 mm UU’s /799 mm PV’s /59.4% UU’s

Europe: 10.8 mm UU’s/ 73 mm PV’s/ 17.5% UU’s

Americas : 42.1 mm UU’s / 849 mm PV’s /67.9% UU’s

EMEA: 12.8 mm UU’s /85 mm PV’s / 20.7% UU’s

Asia/Pacific: 6.9 mm UU’s /49 mm PV’s/ 11.2% UU’s

Strong Reach of Opinion Leaders Influencing Major Issues

Reaching More BDM’s* and C-Suite** Than Rival Sites

Enhanced Audience Targeting Solutions:

Behavioral-targeting allows advertisers to target their ads to readers based on demonstrated interests and usage patterns. has partnered with AudienceScience (formerly RevenueScience), a leading audience targeting provider, to deliver high-quality audience segmentation.