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Zeit Magazin, the glossy pages of Die Zeit.

Magazin supplemtent of Die Zeit.
Publication Frequency: Weekly. Thursdays
Sold circulation: 502.337 copies
Coverage: 1,55 m readers (AWA 2019)
Target Group: multipliers, trendsetters, cosmopolitans.
Zeit Magazin is the emotional and personal part of Die Zeit published in a compact magazine format.
Is aa byword for quality journalism, high credibility, and maximum relevance.
Features a wide range of topics from the areas of lifestyle, politics, culture, and society.
Has received multiple awards and won all the major journalism awards
With Die Zeti has the highest sold circulation in the segment of quality newspapers and has higher coverage than FAZ, FAS, SZ, SZ Magazine, Welt, and WamS (AWA 2019)
Is evenly distributed throughout Germany with no regional focus.