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Zeit Online

Updated information of the highest quality
Every day, the ZEIT ONLINE editorial team supplies all the relevant content for the 13 topic sections; backed up by the expertise and premium quality that the ZEIT audience has become accustomed to.

More than just a source of information
ZEIT ONLINE is tune with the latest trends and developments; and not just because of its comprehensive portfolio of multimedia features and tools.

Premium target group in a top environment
ZEIT ONLINE users are opinion leaders who have above-average educational backgrounds, possess high purchasing power and have wide-ranging interests.

Advertising environment for high-quality products
ZEIT ONLINE is a modern and well laid-out design providing the ideal platform for display ad formats and content&integration.

The users
ZEIT ONLINE users are “in the prime of life”, are well-educated and possess above-average purchasing power.
ZEIT ONLINE users have wide-ranging interests and are high-spending consumers.