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Côté reveals the entire art of living by giving insider tips on French lifestyle. Throughout its multiple editions (Sud, Ouest, Est, Paris) Côté covers houses, design, places, tastes, trades, walks, etc. with images and reports of exceptional quality.

Côté only preserves what is beautiful, the authentic charm and modernity. In its quest for truth, beauty, emotions, Maisons Côté has surpassed the regional atmosphere in order to reflect different perspectives of what means culture and lifestyle.

Côté Sud
Created in 1990
6 issues/year
936.000 readers
71% women – 29% men

Côté Ouest
Created in 1994
6 issues/year
775.000 readers
70% women – 30% men

Côté Est
Created in 1999
2 issues/year
451.000 readers
68% women – 32% men

Côté Paris
Created in 2008
6 issues/year
151.000 readers
72% women – 28% men