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The Good Life

The first men’s hybrid magazine: Business &Lifestyle

Unlike the traditional male magazines, THE GOOD LIFE provides a global picture of today’s world. It covers every aspect of life: economy, lifestyle, contemporary art & decoration, architecture, music, travel, fashion, cars and so many other men interests taking a 360°look at the world. Each issue is designed to be kept and re-read for continuous inspiration.

The readers are part of a new generation who are eager to seek out global information and points of view. They are 25-50 years old, curious and cultured, are frequent travelers, speak fluent English, and dress casually.

They have high purchasing power and are always looking for new ideas, new places to visit, new toys to play with, but always maintain the right balance between work and leisure.

THE GOOD LIFE is available every two months from more than 30,000 newsstands and from a selected network of French and international high end public venues including key airports, first class lounges, trendy hotels and restaurants.